How To Use Firewall Software To Protect Your Computers

How To Use Firewall Software To Protect Your Computers

The amount of malicious software on the internet continues to grow making the need for firewall software greater now than ever before. Identity theft is a big threat on the internet now and malicious software and programs are one of the biggest causes. A bad virus can cause loss of work and data causing much chaos.

This is very damaging to businesses and very disheartening to individuals. The information that we choose to keep on our computers is important to us it must be or it would not be there. All of your files can be destroyed sentimental and financial and sometimes these cannot be recovered weekly backups are strongly recommended. Using firewall software can prevent this from happening by blocking attack programs from entering your computer in the first place.

The Firewall does its job by protecting and blocking all the ports on your computer. These ports are software ports meaning that they are part of your operating system and not part of your physical computer itself. These ports are what your operating system uses to send and receive information across the internet ranging from simple text files to videos and music. Malevolent software enters your computer through existing ports in various ways.

Most operating systems don’t use all of their ports in day to day operations and there are many that are left open. The average operating system has 40,000 to 70,000 or more of these communication ports. Protecting the ports that you are not using are just as. This is so nothing can just walk right in and destroy your system.
As the attack programs have become more complex firewall software has advanced as well. Firewalls are able to protect and block the ports that you are using and those that you are not to watch out for any unwanted activity. This has the annoying side effect of blocking legitimate programs and some games but most firewalls ask you for input when they detect something. As a user you are able to choose to keep or erase a suspect file found through a scan.

The user still plays a big part in keeping their computer safe as the firewall itself can only idenify a problem, the user has to choose what to do with them. By using the function click and allow this tell the computer that you tust and know this program and allows it access to the internet to follow through with its work. However clicking allow for a program that you’re unsure about can lead to an infection or worse.

Viruses aren’t the only things running around out there and failure to protect your system can lead to more problems than destroyed data. Aside from asking for confirmation or denial on an unknown program most firewalls won’t bother you for anything other than a software update. This means that you won’t be notified of everything that the firewall blocks unless you set it up to tell you every time.

To ensure that your computer is protected some kind of firewall needed. Preventive action is always the best way to go this goes for everyday living but also with computer viruses. We store everything on our computers pictures games banking details personal information. Malicious software can still make it through if you intentionally download it or click the allow button.